V for Vendetta- Movie with a Difference

Saw this brilliant movie (no other word can describe it) called 'V for Vendetta' yesterday. I am impressed by several things in the film, and will try to recount some. Never heard of the director, but the guy deserves kudos.

First, the hero wears a mask throughout the entire film, and not once do we see his face. This may be a first for any film, at least I can't think of any other similar film (and I have seen a lot of them!). Second, it has a rather rare plot, of a totalitarian government in a democracy (here, Britain or the UK) gone wonky. A head of government gone crazy, muzzles the media and all else, including the police, and makes all of them an instrument of terror. One guy stands up, the guy with the mask who calls himself V. He finds love too, but that is not his concern. His country is.

His act of Vendetta is partly inspired by "The Count of Monte Cristo", which he keeps watching on video, and also uses knives and swords skilfully, like some of the earlier era heroes.

Brilliantly crafted, apparently from a graphic novel, the film progresses at a stunning pace early on, and the ideas presented are out of this world. In fact, in a final scene, the hero is riddled with bullets but does not die from them immediately, and the shooter asks him how that is possible, and he replies, "Because I am an idea, and ideas are bullet-proof". I think that just about sums the movie up. At the cost of repeating myself, I'll say it again- just brilliant. I wish more movies were made of this kind.


Diamond Head said...

This might be the one with Natalie Portman - I am somehow averse to watching this person on screen so have not watched but might with the rave review...on another note I do dig the alphabet series by a Californian author who writes Mystery books..just finished 'O is for Outlaw' out of sequence..easy going style and realistic

Rajendra said...

Natalie doesn't have much to do, and the plot is very good. So, go for it, outlaw.

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