It's All Greek to Me- A Contrarian View of the Crisis

The crisis gripping Greece- it sounds like a lot of Greek (or Latin, if you prefer that). I mean, look at a lot of other countries where people don't have anything to eat. Sub-saharan Africa (where is that?), or rural Australia (yes, it exists), or a lot of places around the world. But the easier comparison would be with the U.S. What's a piffling few billion Euros of deficit in the budget (which Greece has)? The U.S. has been running a trillion dollar budget deficit for a few years now. Does it look concerned? No, the party is on. Just in case you were not aware, the U.S. also runs a huge trade deficit (that is exports minus imports) of 558 billion dollars or so, at last count. Has that fazed them? No. Then, why this Kolaveri (pardon me, angst) ji?

The solution? Increase spending. Consumer spending, government spending, bailouts, any spending. Party hard. If you drink local brew, upgrade to Single Malts or Hennessey VSOP. If you wear local brands, start looking at Prada. Dump your old bags and go for Gucci. Suits? Armani se apne armaan poore karo (Hindi for 'fulfil your wishes with Armani'- could be a good tag line for them). Give a lot of gifts for Christmas, Diwali, or for no reason. Buy some yachts. The idea is to help your country gain the no.1 spot in spending. Other things like the economy will take care of themselves, automatically. If it works for the U.S. it will work for us. Don't fret, my friends in Greece. Or Portugal. Go for it!


Diamond Head said…
Honestly I am surprised people continue to buy or read financial headlines - since all they show is either of Merkel or Sarkastic or the idiot in Italy shaking hands - sometimes the woman is on the left - sometimes on the right - not sure what they are shaking on? Perhaps saying to themselves - look at these idiots with cameras - we have been photographed more than that anemic Jolie and her dude.
Rajendra said…
Does provide stiff competition to the comedy shows..

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