Sharing Some Soundbytes

I was subjected to a radio interview by My FM, a radio station in Nagpur as part of their Icons program. Why they chose me is a mystery that I cannot solve, but here is a link in case you want to listen to it. It's not too long. This segment is about management skills at the workplace.


ಭಾಶೇ said…
How do I listen to this? Do i need to log in?
The file is not playing when I open the link...

Is this the same interview you mentioned the other time? Guess that was a full interview and cannot be so short...?
Rajendra said…
Sowmya, You have to hit the play icon on your screen after you open the given link. This is one of the eight segments of the interview (same one I had mentioned). Let me know if it works, here or at, and I'll share the rest of them. Login is not needed as far as I know.
Diamond Head said…
Very good professor! Now one final Q - what were your thoughts about being interviewed by someone called 'Rocky'?

On the other hand many a management job is that.
Rajendra said…
I felt like a Rock star...ha, ha!

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