'I' tem Number

The good old club song, or cabaret as it was known in earlier times, has undergone a name change. It is now an item number. While pondering over all epoch-making, world-changing, earth-shaking things that I have ever come across, I pondered over the possible reasons for this change of nomenclature.

My pet theory about it (to be debated in appropriate forums, no doubt), is that we are now past the X, Y and even the Z generation. In other words, we don't know what's happening around us any more, though we are loathe to admit it.

However, even in this sea of ignorance, there is a swathe of brilliance cutting across. Which is, that the only important thing left in the world for each one of us, is the 'I'. Therefore, the 'I'tem number, signifying to the performer of this delightful number, that it is she alone who matters. Not the lustily cheering crowds in front of whom she merrily gyrates, nor the professional dancers (Helen, for instance), whom the new breed like her has displaced.

This gives me a new 'i'dea, sirji. Maybe we can name the new generation the 'I' generation.


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