Life's Learnings

In brief, these are some of my learnings from life.

Learnings From Life

Not everyone will like you. But some will, very much. You can still like as many people as you wish. It’s your choice.

The world existed before you. It will continue, after you (barring the 2012 prophecy). The conclusion is obvious.

We do have a role to play, but it has some limits-natural, circumstantial or capability-related.

Everyone has unique strengths, but may not recognize them. If they do, and work on them, they succeed.

Try everything. Unless you do, you’ll never know.

Believe in yourself as a person, regardless of exam ranks, position, salary, possessions. These can change (see the movie Waqt if you don’t believe me).

Don’t believe everything (+ve or -ve) everyone says, unless you have thought about it, and have some evidence to support it. After that, you decide what to do about it.

Be ethical, unless there is a very good reason.


Harimohan said…
Super stuff Raja.

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