A Few Good Indian Managers

Managers in the West may face hypercompetition, whereas those in India face different challenges including red tape. Yet, many in the government and corporate sectors have done extremely well, and their organisations, or we at large, have benefited. Here are a few over the years.

Maruti's first Chairman, V. Krishnamurthy, set up a plant to manufacture India's first modern car with Japanese technology. Maruti 800 was a revolution of sorts, which literally launched the Indian middle class on its drive towards 10 percent growth, a far cry from the Hindu rate of growth till then of 2-3 percent (now a Christian rate of growth, ironically).

Verghese Kurien, the man who gave us milk. May sound silly in 2012, but when he started putting together what I consider India's best brand, Amul, he had to battle bureaucracy and more.

In another way, the people who gave us shiny black hair, the good people at Chik shampoo who first brought it out in small sachets costing 50 paise or 1 rupee, fulfilling a lot to rural Indian aspirations, of an affordable hair wash.

Hero Honda's managers, for giving Indians a bike which they could fill, shut and forget about filling again, because of its fuel efficiency.

Onida's managers, for picking the best ad slogan ever (my subjective opinion)- Neighbour's Envy, Owner's Pride, with a devilish glee.

The man who cleaned up Nagpur, giving it wide roads, and clean and green environs. I believe it was one Chandrasekhar.

Sreedharan, India's metro man.

Chandrababu Naidu, for his e-governane initiatives, making life easier for the common man.

Whoever brought about the mobile revolution, and brought an end to govt. monopoly in phones. Otherwise we'd be still lining up at the post office to make a trunk call. And I wouldn't be writing this blog.

The RBI governors in the last decade who saved our country from going bust with their control over fancy financial instruments.

Tatas, in particular TCS, Mr. Narayanamurthy, and Mr. Premji for improving India's standing in the world, and giving jobs to millions of under-employed Indian engineers.

Of course, the biggest of all, Dr. Manmohan Singh, for pulling the plug on licensing. In 1991. That was our velvet revolution.


Diamond Head said...

agreed...perhaps Pitroda, Lalu (with his idiosyncratic privatisation of rails -- if I believe everything I read; Chidambaram for his educated lungi based steering not withstanding and last but not least SRK for pushing Indian glamor to the masses in and out side of India have managed to improve on brand India Inc..yet there seems to be a massive disconnect in feeling at home after landing at an Indian airport - rather more trepidation than you ever feel landing in any other completely foreign country..not sure how we fix that..I still think our (large) population is going to be our achilles heel

Harimohan said...

Raja, that's a nice diverse list. Again a bunch of men who went beyond their call and truly made a difference. If I ever meet Naidu the one question I'd like to ask him is this - what was the tipping point before you went headlong into implementing schemes faster than we could think, giving beurocracy the much needed power to execute? Fantastic men and real doers. I bio of all of them would be great inspiration.

Ramski said...

And the person who started the faster highway system that has made long distance driving a pleasure now in shorter time.

Rajendra said...

Yes, Ramski, that person too.

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