Jaggi Vasudev and Shivaratri

Watched an interesting TV program- or a part of it- conducted at Coimbatore by Jaggi Vasudev, a new age guru who usually speaks in English- and very well, too. I once saw him on a Golf course in Chennai. He organises a night-out of song, dance, music (with some big names participating) and discourse on every Shivaratri. He also runs a program called Inner Engineering at various places including the hills near Coimbatore where they have some sort of a dome called Dhyanalingam. I had once visited this when on a trip to a Coimbatore college.

After Osho, I find in him a very down to earth, pragmatic person who happens to be a guru. His logic is easy to follow, but whether to believe is a matter of choice. Another of the spiritual gurus I have been hearing off and on from (on TV) is Shivani, a 'sister' of the Bramha Kumaris group. She is cool, and takes on any difficult question from her interviewer, and answers succintly, without exasperation and with a smile. If nothing else, these two should be observed for their mastery over language and skill in communicating their thoughts.

Many of the others that appear on Aastha channel appear to me to be either ignorant, or fake in some way. That is entirely a personal opinion, and some may find them useful, or stimulating. Incidentally, spiritual fundas were India's USP for a long, long time, and it seems there is a large following for the gurus of recent times. They come in all sizes, shapes, and maybe unique to India, also in both genders.


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