Jayanagar in Bangalore

Spent a couple of days doing admission interviews the old fashioned way, for the next batch of IMT students. But this is more about Jayanagar in Bangalore. First got introduced to Jayanagar 4th block when I was at IIMB doing MBA, because it was the nearest shopping area where we sometimes came to buy stuff. The favorite one, particularly for books and gallivanting, was MG Road and Brigade road. Gangaram's was an institution- a big bookstore, rare in those days.

But Jayanagar is a charming residential neighbourhood, and I happened to live in 9th Block during my last two years here before moving to Nagpur. 3rd block where I am staying for two days now, is also a great neighbourhood, and close to the 4th Block market. Green, quiet and well-planned. But getting out into the wilderness that is the Bangalore traffic, you tend to lose your cool and feel exasperated.

Anyway, met lots of old friends, an IMT alumna and got a chance to relive some old days, and some not-so-old days. Also ate at a place called Gufha (cave) nearby in Hotel President, which is made up to look like a cave alright, dark, torch-lit and with waiters dressed in khaki. Food is good too. Also went to a new MTR on St. Mark's Road near SBI. Good for a Sunday breakfast/brunch.


Diamond Head said…
I visited B'lore a couple years ago - which believe it or not was after the last time when you were still in IIMB'lore and I think the family visited Top Capi on MG.
That institution is long gone I was told? but was fortunate to have an old colleague drive me around the hood..
I could not recognize (due to variety of intrinsic and external factors) anything..much of anything - we lunched at Sindh Sahib (parking took an hour I kid not) but the burps after were priceless!

Also the ride on the Volvo at night coming in from the airport was pretty good ... once I got in the auto to go to my overnite accomodation it was a nightmare (a mare on 20 hp)..he spoke no anglais so it was sign language and an HDFC sign on a Google map that brought me in..
Pradeep said…
I have given a link to your posting in my blog "Dateline Bangalore".
Rajendra said…
I know, Bangalore traffic and autos can evoke nightmares. The Volvo buses are a good way to commute though. I think Tokapi has gone, used to be owned by Amjad Khan at one point, I heard. Many cool eating joints everywhere now.

Pradeep, thanks for the life extension for my post.

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