Castle and Suspense Serials

Over the years, I have watched some suspense serials on TV, starting with the classic Sherlock Holmes which Indian TV Doordarshan used to telecast on Sundays many decades ago.

After that, I watched several episodes of Murder, She Wrote, Tehkikaat starring Vijay Anand, Bomkesh Bakshi ( a very good one), a few episodes of CID, Remington Steele which I like a lot, and now some episodes of Castle last year. Castle has been now revived on Star World, both old and new season episodes.

X- files is of the same type, with Gillian Anderson and Mark Duchovny (hope the names are right) playing the investigators. That reminds me, I saw Gillian Anderson recently in a movie starring Mr. 'Bean" Atkinson (a hilarious Bond spoof called Johny English Reborn).

All these in their own way are good, engaging serials if you like the genre of murder or other mysteries. Some better than others. I also loved the black and white Perry Mason series (starring Raymond Burr) that I watched on American TV many years ago in their re-runs. It takes a lot of imagination to churn out engaging characters like Perry Mason, Della Street and in hundred plus intricate stories, all with a courtroom angle.

Among Indian film producers, B.R. Chopra made a few good courtroom dramas, like Kanoon, Dhund, Hamraaz, Gumraah and so on. A part of Nikaah was shot at Osmania University Arts College, and we saw a few minutes of the shoot- boring, I must add.

On a different note, read somewhere that The Great Gatsby is being made with Leonardo Di Caprio. It is a nice book I read last year, after missing out on it for many years. Like The Old Man and the Sea, and Zorba The Greek. All great finds.


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