Transport Trauma

Now that petrol is quite expensive, I believe we must have a national innovation reality show to replace the current ones which involve dancing, singing, and emotional atyaachar at various levels. This is the likely scenario of the contestants.

The Garib Rath presented by Laloo. Will run on chaara eaten by the horses, and supplied by an un-ending supply appearing out of nowhere on demand.

The Amir rath presented by Mr. Laksmi Mittal or any other billionaire. This will be a Merc which does not use fuel, but will be borne by four or more people like a paalki and will run on voice control. A in, you tell them where to go, and they will.

The middle class rath, which RK Lakshman's Common Man will present, and will combine whatever jugaad these guys can put together after paying all the taxes on their hard-earned money. Maybe it will have an old bull, a goat or a dog pulling a sled. But the problem would be to make it snow, to make this work. Maybe another jugaad can do the needful.

Those who can, will drive a rath. Others will take a walk, and reduce their medical bills. Diabetes, obesity and heart problems will disappear, and doctors will also find time to take a long walk. And Bill Bryson won't be able to make cracks about people not walking any more.


Diamond Head said…
Rathi Agnihotri shall be recruited from retirement to be the charioteer for all raths
Rajendra said…
Lovely idea. She'd be more successful than all her competitors who have fallen flat in their comebacks too.

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