Ishaqzaade- A Review

The tale has elements of a Laila Majnu or Romeo Juliet, the differences being that it is small town India instead of Italy, and there is no balcony scene- just kidding. The story has its dark side, that of inter-religious (or even inter caste) marriages being taboo in most of our country. I suppose the ultra-urban folks are excluded, though I am not so sure they are always progressive enough. My wife had done a survey among Indians abroad (the U.S.) in the late 80s, and found caste mentioned in about 95% of the matrimonial ads then.

Anyway, the dark underbelly of politics and its impact on love between unlikely suitors is explored reasonably well. But in this day and age, that two young people cannot simply elope and get married is a bit hard to digest. Maybe, coming as they do from privileged families, they are not used to working for a living. But still, they seem pretty good at tapori (illegal, a loose translation) activities themselves, including wielding a gun, and it should not have been too tough for them to earn a livelihood elsewhere.

The language is a bit crude, and the violence and chases sustained, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Not exactly a mushy romance ending in a tragedy as the movies mentioned earlier. But for others with a bit of thick skin, not too bad. Particularly as Parineeti Chopra is pretty decent in looks and acting. I was not thrilled with Arjun Kapoor, but he is tolerable. The song 'Pareshaan pareshaan' is pretty cool.


Harimohan said…
That's a 50:50 review. Should I or should I not? At least I won't kill myself to see it. Khalid Mohammed was maha pleased with it though for some reason.
Rajendra said…
I would rather stay home and watch it on the telly in a few weeks. Won't be long.

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