Solving the World's Problems

I think we look up to celebrities for a good reason. We think they are who we want to be. Don't we all fantasize about living like a rock star, a film star, a sports star? Don't we crib about how fate did us a wrong turn and did not put a silver spoon in our mouth like it did for some of them?

Now, the celebs are doing us a return favour. They are showing us how to solve the world's (and our) problems. The similarity of the solutions provided by different celebs to a variety of problems is uncanny. And daring. And so simple.

Someone complains that you are loud and raucous in a restaurant? Someone asks you to behave in a sports stadium? Someone criticises the stupid film you starred in? Someone makes snide remarks about your girlfriend?

Well, the Mahatma might roll in his grave, but what the heck? We are made of sterner stuff, right? So, we have the simple solution, namely- ka-boom, spiff, dishum or whatever sound you associate with this single point solution. Use your fist first and think later, if at all. Whether it is a restaurant at the Taj or the Wankhede stadium, or a birthday party, you won't have any problems anywhere if you just follow this simple rule. Remember, anyone challenges you, annoys you, or you just don't like his face, go whoosh, sock it to him. And live happily ever after. Doesn't it beat (puns have a way of appearing unexpectedly) all the fairy tales you ever heard? Maybe Michael Jackson was right, when he said, " Beat it."

If only everyone adopted this policy, there wouldn't be any more problems in this world.


Diamond Head said...

for sure many a brawn will help wipe out other brawny types leaving the world much safer for the non brawnies..actually among theories propouned to end drug cartel problems one solution was to let one gang do the other and so on..less tax dollars wasted trying to catch either side..cops are way behind.. doing facebook anyway

smita said...

They are so busy entertaining us on and off the screen!No body can Beat them on that.

Rajendra said...

Maybe you can now accumulate Brawny points instead of the traditional brownies.

Yeah, Smita, all the extra innings are more fun than the real thing.

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