Baby's Day Out

No, I haven't regressed into a baby or a child. But happened to spend an evening out with my niece. We went in a small group of the young and the slightly older to the well-known Saras Baug in Pune. The idea was to run/walk around a little and enjoy the evening breeze. Turned out it was a lot of fun- even though we all were not too young, except the four-year-old niece.

The park led me to think about how Indian park experiences are different. We used to visit a few parks near Clemson, South Carolina while I lived there. One was Table Rock, which had a nice green environment, a Putt-putt golf course, and some picnic benches for us to eat stuff which we had brought along. No food was sold inside. The Pune park, in contrast, had all kinds of food stuff sold inside, ranging from roasted peanuts-delicious, by the way, to sliced cucumbers, to the very typical vada-pav- bread stuffed with a potato spiced pattie. Outside the park of course, this explodes into a variety of things from pav bhaji to ice cream. I am sure it is great fun for the kids, if the elders enjoy it so much.

I only wish we had waste bins placed at more locations around the lawns, because we had to search long and hard for some place to dump our waste. Another attraction in these places is the pink sugar candy, or "Buddhi ke baal" as it is known in local parlance. And everything was very reasonably priced, to suit the pockets of visitors young and old.


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