Intergalactic Incoherence

Usually our thoughts are limited to global happenings. What if we expand it to include other planets, or even galaxies? After all, the universe is so large, there are bound to be a lot of things we can only imagine- or maybe not even that. But it doesn't hurt to try and imagine an intergalactic conversation between beings from say, the Silky Way galaxy. Rhyming with the Milky Way is purely coincidental.

If two beings from the Silky Way came across our species, the homo sapiens, they may go as follows (translated from their language for the convenience of readers)-

Being 1: There are millions of these critters around here.
Being 2: More, maybe zillions. But there are a few stretches of sand and sea where nothing appears to be living- at least on the surface.

B1: Let's observe them for a while.
B2: Yeah. That handsome sadhu with flowing robes, what is he saying to the multitudes listening to him?
B1: He is teaching them to ride a bicycle, it looks like.
B2: He is also doing some breathing tricks. Maybe he is training them to survive under water.

B1: See there? Another specimen who is standing in front of a mirror.
B2: Yes, been there for an hour now, and not done yet.
B1: Like the Greek fellow we read about in our history, what was his name, Narcissus?
B2: Yes, this is his female equivalent though, going by her dress and long tress.
B1: These humans seem to have a lot of time to indulge themselves. Not like us, who have to constantly engage in intellectual pursuits and find solutions to all our social and other problems.

B2: Once upon a time, there used to be social reformers on this planet too, if I remember my history. But they are long dead and gone. Now, the pursuit of money and pleasure is all that consumes the species.
B1: But I hear there is one guy, someone called Aamir Khan, who is trying to rouse people's conscience through a hard-hitting program on TV.
B2: Yes, but he is about the only one. Everywhere else, there seems to be utter chaos, if i can read the minds of these humans. For instance, in Europe, Americas, Africa and so on, governments are falling like nine pins, with no sensible replacement in sight.

B1: I believe there are some people called derivative traders who created worldwide chaos a few years ago with a few clicks of the mouse.
B2: Who are these derivative traders?
B1: Not sure. They are extinct in our galaxy, like the dinosaurs here.

...End of First Episode. To be Continued


ಭಾಶೇ said...

Interesting. Waiting for next episode! :)

Diamond Head said...


B1: I also remember my Golub (Silky way term for Dad) telling me about thick paper collections called books that the learned used to progress. Do not see those anymore down there.
B2: Yeah .. I remember some called phonebooks. Now all I see people using is Facebook. Its not even a book..could that be progress?

smita said...


Rajendra said...

I can see lots of scope for extensions, and innovation..even a new language, perhaps. Thanks, Diamond Head (that sounds like a different name too). And thanks, Smita and Sowmya. Coming soon, the next..

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