Innovations To Kill Boredom

Here are some neat ideas (95 on a 100 point neatness index) for innovations that can kill boredom in common situations we face.

1. A nodding puppet which nods metronomically, to sit in front of an old relative repeating his/her tales of the past for the nth time, so you can slink away, do your own thing and come back in a while.

2. A smoke-generating toy which can be used to scare people and make a long line disappear in a crowded place - can be used in a bank, amusement park, or in a booking counter for IPL. Just for long enough to give you enough time to get to the front of the line.

3. A joke-telling device- the J-app, which you switch on in the most morose situations- like an airline journey, the most humourless of all. Will tell a joke at the click of a button, but only when electronic devices are allowed to be switched on, by the morose air host. Will make passengers jealous if you laugh too much, though. Use carefully.

4. An animated dancer that performs a dance of your choice on screen while you wait for your page to load on the computer on a slow day in cyberspace. This can also be adapted for your mobile if you have a bad connection.

5. A dialogue programmer where you can program the dialogue you want to hear and play it along with the TV, automatically muting the IPL commentators, or the talkative Arnab Goswami, or the garishly made-up ma-in-laws/daughter-in-laws of the various serials, or the tiresome judges of reality shows on TV. This gives you immense scope to test your creativity, and you may end up writing some masterpieces like 'Kitney Aadmi They'  or ' Phir Bhi Waapas Aaye? Khaali Haath?' from Sholay, one day.


ಭಾಶೇ said...

Hope the 'neat' ideas were not sourced by something 'neat' that went inside! ;)

Good one

Harimohan said...

Another innovation could be a self-talking cell phone which rings every five minutes and talks stuff to you that you want to hear (like brilliantly good horoscopes and how wonderful one looks and stuff like that). Or send messages you want to read. And 'like' all your stuff a million times on your facebook account and send a million comments. That would kill boredom instantly!

Rajendra said...

That was a neat guess, Sowmya, but not accurate. But I guess that could have enhanced the effect.

Hari, I think that's a brillianto app. for the for the generation built with different 'cells' than ours!

Diamond Head said...

South America has taken active interest in cultivating crops to help with this ailment

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