Raving and Ranting

There is a rave party going on, with everyone raving about how cool (not temperature-related coolness, but fitting-in type) it is. No global warming warnings can affect them. But all of a sudden, a police squad swoops down on this group of cool dudes, and they end up in the cooler. How cool can you get? Now, you feel pretty cool (not temperature, but feelings-related) towards the organiser, and everything to do with the rave.

Now, blowing hot or cold about it is not really my cup of (hot) tea, but what I would really like to know if the amount of time and effort that law-enforcers spend on turning on the heat on these raving lunatics (according to the enforcers) cannot be spent on something more worthwhile, like reducing petty crime from the streets of whichever city. Burglary, Chain snatching, petrol-stealing (that's a new one) or even not following stop signs on traffic lights, can actually harm common citizenry far more, and may be worth doing more of. Particularly when resources are limited. In general, I think every one should ask himself this question about his time- am I making the best possible use of it?

Anyway, to slightly twist the words from The Charge of the Light Brigade, I suppose,

Ours not to reason why,
Ours but to to rant and cry.


Harimohan said...

Rave party raids get the biggest headlines and the most number of calls from important people. Chain snatching and eve teasing gets only aam janta crowding the cop houses and crying and sobbing and bargaining. I guess cops need their 15 minutes of coolness too.

Rajendra said...

Yes, after all everyone needs to feel "Kya Kool Hain Hum".

Diamond Head said...

Was Ravan a lunatic? He would be considered a Ravan Lunatic but since there were no Lunas then he would have to be a Ravan Sitatic.

Rajendra said...

Ravan probably had his own version of the parties in Ashok Vatika or the beach even before he kidnapped Sita.

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