Real Estate Advertising

Why is it called 'Real' Estate by the way? Its prices are unreal. The process of buying it is extremely testing. Building something real takes unreal amounts of energy, enthusiasm out of anyone attempting it. But best of all, is the advertising for it. Sample some real and some imaginary sales spiels for it.

1. Your dream home. Only 5 kms. from x, the farthest point on the outskirts of the city.

2. Why go to Venice? Venice can come to you. A canal in front of your bedroom window. (what would I do with a canal?)

3. Verdant meadows, ravishing scenery, clubhouse with gym (assuming you are obese enough to need one),  and shopping within reach (finally, something that makes sense).

4. Live among the elite in the city, with envious looks from everyone (who cannot look at you, because of the tight security and tall gates that prevent everyone from taking a peek). By the way, the elite don't know anything about you coming to live with them yet, or they would be running.

5. Views to kill for. After you actually see them, you may actually want to kill the guy who gave you this schmuk.


Diamond Head said...

There is a new flick due out starring Dev Patel the brit that looks like a desi but isn't. It is about wooing octogenarian Brits to live in an old home in Rajasthan. Previews I saw show Patel promote this ramshackle building as a Taj property.

Rajendra said...

Sounds just about right!

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