Ruskin Bond- A Nice Man to Know

I happened to watch an interview with the man on national TV the other day. I was really impressed. I am not easily impressed by people (usually celebrities) most of whom I find faking things, looking to promote themselves or their immediate work (normally films).

Self-effacing must be his second name. I confess I have not read any of his work, and may do so now, because of my interest in him as a person. Loveable is a term that comes to mind. He has a gentle humour which comes through in this interview. A couple of observations he made were really heart-warming. A couple of his young readers told him that he should put more action in his stories.-that they are slow-moving.

He is also the writer of ghost stories, apparently. He wrote the story that was converted into Saat Khoon Maaf, about a wife serially murdering seven husbands- so he is not as innocent as he looks. He confessed he had a few more ways of killing them he had thought about but did not use in the story!

On living in India, he said it is far more interesting than Europe, which is a bit monotonous. An astute observation, one that I agree with, even regarding the U.S.


Meghna said…
Ruskin Bond is indeed a jolly man. And so are his stories.
Shree's English text book carries his stories year after year...he is fun to read..
Rajendra said…
Yes, Meghna and Lakshmi, it looks as though I need to correct the lapse of not having read him. Thanks for the input.
Meghna said…
The first time I read his stories, I was 10. My mother gifted me an omnibus of his short stories. A unique thing about the stories is that you can read them at any age, and still connect. I hope you enjoy them.
Manish . said…
I believe it was telecasted on Loksabha TV. Indeed a delight to see the interview.
Rajendra said…
Thanks, Meghna, I plan to do so at the earliest.
Manish, that's right. One comes across such gems on Loksabha TV or other public stations, even some on All India Radio at times.
Harimohan said…
Ruskin Bond is a very interesting person indeed. And very accessible too. If you got o Mussoorie, anyone will direct you to his house. If you call him before hand, you can meet him as well. I met him when I was in Dehradun last year. His mind is like a child's - full of mischief. Fr example he told me that he signs some books as Enid Blyton when some children mistakenly think he is Enid Blyton! Or for that matter when he signed an English cricketer's autobiography and returned it to an autograph seeking friend! Wonderful man and the best ambassador for Uttarakhand, the beauty of which he captured for eternity in his books.

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