Silent Movie- Revisiting a Classic

Mel Brooks made a comedy called Silent Movie in 1977 or thereabout. Saw it again last night. I like his brand of humour, with lots of one-liners, and intelligent commentary about various quirks of life. Here, it is about a down and out studio chief called Mel Funn, who is trying to make a comeback. Among the odds he faces are convincing a studio chief about making a silent movie to revive its fortunes, and battling the villain - a company called Engulf and Devour which is trying to engulf (take over) the studio in question.

Full of one-liners and gags (one of which, of the trailer van careening from one side to another was shamelessly copied in Housefull 2) which make you laugh non-stop, it is great fun to watch. A classic line is the motto of Engulf and Devour- We have our fingers in everything. And their daily prayer to the Dollar sign.

The scene in which Mel Brooks and his two funny sidekicks persuade Burt Reynolds to sign up for their film is really hilarious. While taking a shower, Burt suddenly finds additional pairs of hands soaping him.

See it if you want laughs-a-minute.


smita said…
Relief..i guess from the usual cacophony.

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