Skyrocketing Becomes Expensive

Those who used to be high-fliers will soon be grounded. The price of petrol will actually be the only thing which can go skyrocketing, not the people who use the stuff as fuel to get themselves going. So you are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Environmentally, this may not be such a bad thing. There may be less vehicular pollution, and there may be a few more people who walk to save money. Breathing petrol fumes is not much fun anyway. Hopefully, it will stir people into researching alternative fuels and ways of going from place A to Place B. A good joke I read on Facebook the other day says poor people walk miles to find food and rich people walk miles to digest food.

All in all, a good move that might save us from bankruptcy, and bad health. Cheers!


Diamond Head said…
There are also those that are walking backward - some yin yang thing. Old joke was you could drive in reverse to roll back the odometer and sell the car for more money.
Rajendra said…
My favourite doomsday scenario is when we run out of oil and use camels, horses, bullocks, mules and donkeys to commute again. Maybe our feet too.

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