If I Ever Start A Business

If I ever start a business, these would be my top choices-

1. A retail store at Pune. Do nothing all the time, turn customers away half the time, a siesta from 1 pm to 4 pm. And still make enough sales to make a living. Marketing theory can go to hell.

2. A real estate agent. Do nothing most of the time, show a couple of houses to a customer once in a while, and make money because the guys are desperate to live somewhere, so they have to rent/buy

3. A sharebroker. This is my top choice, because there is greed all over the world, and it will make me (the share broker) rich. I would have said a dealer in fancy derivatives, but that game has now been overdone, and I might go to jail. Guys ahead of me on the curve got away with it.

4. Sell biryani (and kababs on the side) with a fail-safe recipe, preferably Hyderabadi or Lucknowi, in a place where they eat tons of it, like Hyderabad, or Lucknow. Having your cake and eating it too. I would enjoy dying with the aroma surrounding me. The stuff is God's gift to mankind (effect of a recent visit to Hyderabad).

5. Be a film star, preferably a Khan or a Kapoor or a Bachchan. Even with zero talent, producers will sign me on for at least five films, and if they all flop, I can still make merry with my grandpa's earnings.

Maybe you can think of a few more for me and you. We have time....


Diamond Head said…
You forgot the quintessentially Zen profession of being a Deepak Chopra..an author of self help books that is ..write any mumbo jumbo under the title of metaphysical equilibrium or some such and people in the west will lap it up. You will be rich beyond imagination and retire to the Bahamas or whichever island survives the warm globe.
smita said…
Great ideas sir.I would love to sell pani puri-(the road side one,unhygienic to the core!)
ಭಾಶೇ said…
Wow! :D real funny!
Rajendra said…
Thanks, Sowmya. Yeah, Smita, you'd have a lot of tax-free income.

True, Diamond Head. The Deepak Chopra stuff is the most achievable coming from where I do. Not too far from writing prescriptive text books in Marketing. Will certainly give it a shot.

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