Accreditation of People

Or we could call it Rating, if that sounds easier. I am attending a seminar on accreditation, so that sparked a thought. What if every citizen had to get accredited, starting with an AAA rating and going down the ladder to an LLL (L standing for Loser and the three Ls together signifying three times the capacity for being one). The rating would be inscribed on your forehead through a tattoo, so that anyone dealing with you would know how much of a schmuck you are.

Imagine how easy it would make it for everyone. You would instantly know if a guy (or gal) you met was HL (Highly Loveable) or HA (Highly Avoidable) or SI (Somewhat Iffy). Similarly, in a business deal, if you encountered a TN (Tough Nut), you could be more cautious than if you were dealing with a guy who was IP (Infinitely Pliable).

Similarly, in a class of sixty students studying with you, you could instantly identify the SN (Studious Nerd) to get your notes from. The student could similarly elect to take courses from a professor who is labelled EG (Easy Grader) rather than an HD (Hitler in Disguise).

Who would do the rating? Well, accredited accreditors, who would be certified by the Central Labelling Authority. There would also be a Continuous Improvement Process. So, if you were an LLL to begin with, you could, by attending courses such as 'You can Win', turn yourself into an SL (Sometime Loser) or even a BW (Borderline Winner).


Diamond Head said…
I think China would not have trouble implementing it right away ... their tattoos in double byte will also look attractive than the LATIN characters and it would become all the rage!
Rajendra said…
Yes, dual purpose- ornamental AND functional at the same time.
Harimohan said…
Haha. In India we could bribe the accreditors and make laws that all AAAs once recognised will perpetually rule over all others! End of story.
But it has many possibilities like tattoes for love (near the heart), for foodies (near the tummy), for lovemaking (near...). And then ads near all those tattooes advertising how their ratings can be improved.
Raja, I think we have a story. Let's write this down. 150 pages!
Rajendra said…
hmm, story? Yes, we can give it a shot.
ಭಾಶೇ said…
Fun is in getting to know someone by your experience and not by reading a tatto on one's forehead! :(
Rajendra said…
You mean discovering what is (deliberately) hidden from view? :) Fun, yes.

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