Yeh Dil Maange More- Budget Blues

Long ago, a wise man from the Chinmaya mission spoke at Kirloskar Institute. He was hilarious, and spoke of a 'more'ist attitude among all of us. I want more of food, more of housing, and more cars, and so on. He pointed out in his easy style, that we don't need so much of this 'more' stuff. What would you do with more cars? More houses? Or many more such things?

The annual budget in our country leaves everyone wanting more, no matter what the FM comes up with. And why should every budget tinker with everything? Would it not help if we had a consistent policy for 3 -4 or so years on everything? The mystique would go out of the annual exercise. If tinkering and tweaking were needed, that could be done when needed. Individuals can also plan better when say, tax related to savings instruments remains stable. Corporates can do the same when the tax rates and profit expatriation or FDI policies remain stable.

We could have a mid term budget once in 2.5 years to sort out things that need sorting.


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