Weird Movie- Scott Pilgrim vs The World

While browsing channels last evening, I came across a really weird film that I would not probably go and watch in a theatre. But I found it fun to watch, and actually made it to the end. It's weird in more than one ways, because of its piecemeal dialogue, superman comic-style fights, and a teenage rock band member as its unlikely hero.

The twist in the tale is that a new 'hot' girl (new to Toronto, his hometown) has seven ex-boyfriends whom he has to fight to win her. Wherever they go, one of these seven 'ex'es attacks him, and there is a fight to the finish each time- in a bar, in a concert, and on the street. And these are the comic book style fights, with ka-booms and flying galore!

But despite its weirdness it has a charm of its own, with both the male and female leads exuding it. I thought it was nicely done, for a film of this kind. Don't know anything about the cast, director, etc., but if you have nothing better to do, and it pops up, you may enjoy it. Just one of those things. And yes, in a nod to the existence of non-North Americans, it has a Chinese AND an Indian character.


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