Contributions by Different Professions

What is the contribution of every profession to society at large? Yes, it is an important issue that the world needs to take cognizance of- more so because we have run out of things to say about global warming, end of the world aka doomsday circa 2012, and other glorious topics. So let me initiate another debate of epic proportions.

Engineers contribute the bridges we walk or drive on. Software engineers write code that works to enable us to look up Wikipedia instead of using our brains.

Poets contribute by making us long for love and find despair, and express it in nice words. Craftsmen create works of art that we like to look at but not buy. Manufacturing workers and their bosses help mass-produce things that we don't like to look at most of the time, but buy.

Accountants help to keep tabs on things that are tough to keep tabs on, as Satyam and Enron prove once in a few years. Marriage planners help you get into holy matrimony, so they are the reps for heaven, where these matches are actually made. Match fixers of a different kind.

Bollywood producers help you to spend a few happy hours watching a fantasy and many more hours discussing it. Ekta Kapoor of TV serial production achieves the same in multiples with the same story in 100 serials/shows with a different cast. Her patented technique for time-wasting shots is a tribute to film-making.

Dance shows contribute by showing you the various ways you can twist and turn the body- just to earn the approval of jobless judges. Talent shows in general discover your talent, and then leave you in the lurch, without the million rupee contracts that were promised before the show began.

Managers show how management is the easiest thing in the world, by choosing the option learnt from various case studies- by doing nothing. Ad professionals entertain everyone by being creative, and blaming competition for the sales not going up. If that's not creativity, what is?

Banks laugh all the way to the bank (is that an Oxymoron, or something?) by letting you park your money with them for nothing, so they can make loans to people who don't exactly feel obligated to return them. Financial analysts, likewise, advise you to park the money where it may never meet you again.

Climatologists keep everyone worried about a degree or two in weather change, so that global conferences can be held at the cost of polluting sponsors.

And the world goes on..and bloggers fulfill an important duty by blogging about all these guys.


ಭಾಶೇ said…
would like to know from you what 'consultants' do! ;)
Rajendra said…
Sell dreams under a brand name-theirs.

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