Eating Out in Nizami Style

Very few eateries get their mutton right. Usually it is under-cooked, or stale, hard or the meat is overshadowed by the bone. But I must say that Nizam's Kathi Kabab in CP, Delhi,is a place that gets it right on every count. Delicious stuff, the mutton curry, just the right amount of flavour, taste, melt-in-the mouth consistency, and so on. The only minus would be the quantum of oil, but then, all the pluses count for more. This place is behind Plaza cinema on one side. It was not crowded today, unlike earlier times. So we actually got a table (probability of that is pretty close to zero normally).

The keema balls were delicately flavored, well-done and again, melting in your mouth variety. When done right, few things can be compared to this, my favorite concoction. Pathhar ka gosht from Hyderabad maybe, or a Gilawati kabab from Lucknow. Not much else! Subhanallah. Connaught Place seems to have a bombed out look on account of endless digging up though, making the approach to this place a bit tough.


Diamond Head said…
Now my mouth is watering...wish I had a plant.
Rajendra said…
Actually I had the opposite experience the day after Nizam's. Same dish, royally messed another place South of South Delhi called Gurgaon. Accentuating the contrast. I now believe Osho that good can't exist without bad, etc..
Diamond Head said…
Yin Yang again - given we are rats on a wheel -shall meet the Yang somewhere.

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