Holi and the Colours of Life

Holi is a unique festival in that it symbolizes the colours of life. A rainbow that life usually presents all of us with. From the moment we arrive in the world with a cry, to the myriad happenings- some expected and planned, many unexpected twists, joys, sorrows and in-betweens, right till the end.

Bringing in exuberance and a community spirit that is hard to maintain in the self-obsessed society most of us live in, it is a great chance to revisit the meaning of life. Particularly community life. Interdependence of people and people, nature and people and so on. We actually depend on nature a lot more than we think. If water were to run out, humanity may cease to exist pretty quickly. Tornadoes and tsunamis, and landslides and earthquakes kill people even in advanced nations.

Hope that peace will reign in the world instead of war, and that each of us will win the war within keeps us going at all times. Holi is as good a time as any to introspect, and redefine our goals in life. Whatever they might be. Happy Holi, everyone on the planet.


ಭಾಶೇ said…
when you said colors of life, i thought you are talking about women... as today is international Women's day.

Happy holi to all. :)
Rajendra said…
I am outnumbered by women three to one at home, so it's always a Women's Day!

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