Sachinesque Landmark

That Sachin completed yet another landmark without winning a series is an Ok landmark, like the height of mixed feelings joke- watching your MIL drive over a cliff in your new Mercedes.

But I managed a landmark that I am reasonably proud of, without going on a cricket field. That of crossing 10,000 views for this blog. I am not sure of the figure's relevance, but for me, it sounds like a lot, and means a lot.

The reason, of course, that I had no clue there would be readers at all when I started blogging around two or three years ago. What it means is of course, is that there are regular readers of what I write. It is gratifying, and encouraging. It might mean, of course, that I keep writing a lot more, Beware!


Harimohan said…
Congrats Raja. And like Sachin keep going - no one will ask you to retire!
tiku said…
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10,000 views. That's really great Sir. Congratulations
Rajendra said…
Yeah, profs go on forever, as I discovered over the years. So no fears on that count.
ಭಾಶೇ said…
Congratulations Sir. :)
Diamond Head said…
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Diamond Head said…
Hajaar baar dekhneki cheej hai tumhara blog ..Janey ooo

unlike a ghati joke advising gawkers at a lagna mandap in Pune .. Hey karyalya Aahee.. Yethe baghnya sarkhe kahi nahee
Rajendra said…
Ha, ha..ghatis are indeed funnier than I thought! Thanks, for the encouraging words..Sowmya, I think you have contributed a great deal to the spiralling readership too!

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