London, Paris, New York, Nagpur

This is about reviews and me. Incidentally also about a film called London, Paris, New York. I started writing reviews in my teenage years. One (of Ram Balram, the weird Amitabh-Dharam starrer) even got published in Filmfare. My style of reviewing was influenced by Khalid Mohammed, who did some great take-offs on films. But those were the days when we did not know what was to come later. To put it in perspective, Amar Akbar Anthony seems like a classic today. Anyway, over the years, I have mellowed. Don't know the causative factors yet, but I have become somewhat sympathetic to the film making community. Having been to a couple of film shoots, and looking at the chaos they are, I am surprised that any sense can come out of it at all. Therefore, my sympathies lie with the makers. No doubt, as a viewer, we have a right to complain if we find garbage being churned out, but...

Another disclaimer..or disclosure. I like Aditi Rao Hydari, the heroine of this film called London, Paris, New York. Some more reason for a sympathetic review. The story in parts is a repeat of the Rockstar (which was not about Rock) idea that a man and a woman who go together on a motorbike or otherwise for a day tend to fall in love. Quite possible, I would say. Such a relief to meet someone in person rather than on Facebook, that it is within the bounds of reason. And if the location happens to be exotic, all the better. My choice would have been Venice instead of NY, though. If you must have traffic, why not over water?

The lead pair look cute, go through their song, dance, love, fight, reunite routine without taxing your brain too much. The songs could have been better, but they are OK. The dialogue is quite good, and up to date, with teenage lingo used liberally. The intended takeoff on feminists comes through, though Aditi hardly behaves like one in many sequences. But then, cute looks compensate for lack of consistency..all in all, a nice stroll through the cities mentioned. Don't expect a lot, and you should be OK.


Beyond said…
I would like to see your review for a movie "Paan Singh Tomar". A little insight on the system as well. Please.

I watched that movie and came out with questions in my mind, where Paan Singh went wrong? The dirty picture of the system that is being depicted, is there no way to correct it, fix it, repair it??
Rajendra said…
The name sounds iffy, but I shall attempt it one of these days. As regards dirty pictures, maybe a Julian Assange would know better about possible cleanups.
smita said…
its a pleasure to read what u write sir
Rajendra said…
Thank you, Smita.

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