Ghaati English

Ghaati English

Ghaatis (Maharashtrians) using angrezi are prone to some ‘Phamous’ mispronunciations and misuses and ‘lost in translation’ stuff, like all our bhai-behens around the country that is Bharat.

'Pen' is pronounced pain, and 'Bread', Braid.

‘What’ is pronounced with an emphasis on the WH. Same with ‘Whaay’.

‘Ready’ is usually Raidy. ‘For’ can become Phor, and ‘is’ borders on ij or iz, like in the middle of pizza.

‘Journalism’ is pronounced Jour ‘na’ (as in nag) lism, and computer is usually pronounced ‘Comp’ (as in romp) uter.

‘Exam’ is generally eggzhaam.

These are observations born of being part-Ghaati, but being in a situation where I lived away most of my life. By the way, I want to protest that there aren’t any good ghaati jokes on the net. I tried searching for them, not too successfully.

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Harimohan said...

Perfect. I do love the journalism bit.

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