April Fool's Day

We used to pull quite a few juvenile tricks on our friends when we were kids to 'celebrate' April first. I am not sure whose idea this Fool's Day was, but I like the idea of a day for being non-serious. Lighten up, chill, or whatever way you express it, it's good for everyone not to be sanctimonious, preachy, deadly serious, for a change. After all, most people would have realised the hard way that you are not going to be changing the world anytime soon. Heck, you can't even change your kid (after he grows out of his diapers) or your wife/husband.

All the gurus in the world have been pleading that we should look within, and change ourselves, that the cause of all the world's problems lies within us. The theory of internal locus of control supports this view. One of the major things that needs changing is that we are too serious all the time. Particularly the older guys, but not only them.

So no more serious stuff today. Have some fun. Even if you have to act like a fool. Sing, dance, listen to music, watch a fun film. Whatever. Happy April Fool's Day.


Harimohan said...

I subscribe to the idea - to not be serious - and think it must be taken seriously. Now, how do we take take the business of not being serious, seriously?

Rajendra said...

I seriously don't know...I am busy composing stupid limericks.

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