Farewell to the 2010-12 Batch of IMT Nagpur

The farewell party hosted by the juniors was held sometime ago. But the Convocation happens tomorrow, in the presence of Mr. Mukesh Ambani, one of India's foremost industrialists. A fitting finale for two years that would have been life-changing for many. Whether you are from metros or small towns, an MBA like this one adds a lot to your understanding of the self and the world. The program remains popular in spite of some blips on the placement front due to economic downturns and stupidity (worldwide) of a few in the financial sector.

I think it is because of the value-add that the student gets as a person, more than as a degree holder. Most undergrad degree colleges in India do not have a practical or intellectual component beyond the text-bookish stuff. Only a good MBA school currently adds that kind of value, bringing you in touch with the self, the corporate world, and everything in between. And it leaves you to figure out, amid all the peer pressure and the rest, what you want to do with your life. This does not happen necessarily in the program, but the program prepares you, I think. It is hard to forget these two years, whether you turn out to be a poet, entrepreneur, CEO or (dare I say it) a professor!

Anyways, some of our brightest will leave us on their journey into life. And we shall miss them, until we hear from them again. Wishing them all the best.


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