Mere Ghar Ka Budget

It is the day of the annual budget presentation for the Indian government today. If I were to make a monthly budget for even my own house, I would be thoroughly confused. But here is my feeble attempt.

Fuel- Price of petrol x 100 litres

Electricity- Too confusing, with all those slabs differently priced. At a guess, Rs. 2000 in the Nagpur summer- next 2 months.

Movies. Multiplex tickets- 240 and single theatre - 120 (for four films a month, two in each)

Groceries- When in town, 2000 Rs. a month.

Books- Ranging between 2000- 3000.

Phone- 1000.

Cable- Rs. 200. (mostly unused)

Wife, children- Attempt to keep their spending under control, usually unsuccessfully. So, no accounts.

Free- blogging, conversation (non-phone variety), Golf at the campus, walking- anywhere,

Any wonder that I do a lot of the last in my spare time?


ಭಾಶೇ said…
No wonder.

And this is your personal budget?!

Miscellaneous charges (water, eating out, clothes and other accessories shopping and more) to be added to the list! ;)
Rajendra said…
Yes, a few things need adding. Rent, for instance. Clothes/shoes are an annual item, so they do not spring to mind immediately in a monthly budget. I rarely eat out in Nagpur, preferring the taste of my own cooking. On tour, of course, there is no option, so I do get to taste some others' cooking. Thankfully, the EMIs are over since I have an old car all paid for.

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